5 Easy Ways to Safely Untangle Your Jewelry  

Jewelry is beautiful and precious, but it can easily become a tangled mess. If your jewelry box looks like this, don’t freak out, you have come to the right place. Here are 5 easy ways to untangle your jewelry.

1. Baby oil

Place the necklace on a flat surface, and apply a few drops of baby oil to the knot. You can use a dropper or a cotton swab. The baby oil will act as a lubricant and make the jewelry slippery. This will make it easier to loosen the knot with your fingers.

2. Straight pins

If the knot is especially small and your fingers are unable to loosen the knot, use straight pins. Lay the jewelry on a flat surface. Take the straight pins and stick them into the knot. Gently wiggle the straight pins to loosen the knot. Once the knot is big enough, use your fingers to untangle the knot.

3. Baby powder

Administer a sprinkle of baby powder to the center of the knot. The baby powder will seep into the knot and will help loosen the pieces. Gently untangle the knot using your fingers or a straight pin. It is important to not pull on the jewelry, this could tighten the knot and make it harder to undo.

4. Screw Driver  

Once the jewelry is laid out, take a small head screwdriver and gently put the head of the screwdriver into the center of the knot. Lightly wiggle the screwdriver back and forth to loosen the knot. Once the knot is loose enough, use your fingers to finish the job.

5. Windex

Spray a little bit of windex onto the knot. This will coat the jewelry and make it easier to untangle. Once you have pulled apart the knot, make sure to rinse the jewelry under cold water.

To ensure that your jewelry does not tangle, store each piece of jewelry separately in an ice-cube tray or on a jewelry tree.

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