You love your current ring. It means so much to you, but it was purchased at a time when you and your beloved were not as financially well-off as you are now. Perhaps it is time to upgrade the diamond as a testament to how far the two of you have come. At Malak Jewelers, if one day you desire a larger loose diamond, you may trade in your original Malak Jewel Jewelers purchased diamond for a larger diamond. You will receive 110%(!) of the paid price for the loose diamond credited towards your new diamond after 2 years. To qualify, the diamond must be in the original condition and accompanied by the original receipt and certificate. Even if you didn’t purchase your diamond from Malak Jewelers, we still offer best market value in trade for your current diamond when purchasing one of our diamonds.

We are able to do this because Malak Jewelers is a true direct diamond importer. What that means to you is that you avoid middleman fees and mark-up by shopping with us. We can afford to give you the best prices because we not to spend millions of dollars in advertising and, instead, pass the savings onto you.

We at Malak Jewelers deliver the highest level of quality and personal service. Your 100% satisfaction is our mission! We invite you to visit as a customer and leave as a friend.