A Complete Buying Guide for Stunning Full Eternity Rings by Neil Duckworth

Show Your Eternal Love with Full Eternity Rings

Show Your Eternal Love with Full Eternity Rings

Nothing works as well in all types of jewellery last a full eternity ring, when it comes to wooing a woman. So, if you are planning to propose marriage , celebrate the birth of a child or if you are just wondering how best to show your love and commitment and make her fall in love with you all over again, then a beautiful eternity ring is the perfect choice. Trust me; working as a jewellery designer for over a decade now, I know how this unique piece of jewellery never fails to impress!

But if you are stressing yourself on how to buy the most authentic and beautiful eternity ring for her, then here’s a simple buying guide for you. Just keep these points in mind before you go “ring shopping”! Take a look.


Know the Ring Size

The trick to know the ring size is to get this information out of her while casually talking, or may be, ask her best friend or sister about it. Never commit the mistake of just “guessing” it! That can lead into a blunder, and you must be completely sure of her ring size before you visit the best jewellery stores in town.


Full eternity rings UK are generally set with as many as forty to as little as fifteen stones that would be half a carat each. These stones can be diamonds set alongside precious stones like ruby, emerald and sapphire to semiprecious stones like topaz, multicolour quartz, and garnet. You should never forget to check the authenticity of the stones. A lot of women use these rings as stackable rings with different types of gold bands, designs and stones. Keep in mind that there are a lot of sellers out there using synthetic and imitation stones. You should be aware of them. Always ask the store to show you certificates with the proof of authenticity and only then, make the investment. Make sure you are only doing business with companies that are members of well-known organizations like American Gem Society, Jewellers of American, and Diamond Council of America to ensure proper education, knowledge, ethics and customer protection.


Not all companies use the latest technology to set the stones into the ring. Hence, always choose a company that micro-sets the stones individually into these skinny Full eternity rings UK so that they do not come out easily, even if worn on a daily basis. It is recommended that you insure the ring in case of theft or accidental occurrences.

The Band’s Metal

Apart from the stones, you have to pay special attention to the ring band’s metal as well. The best choice for the band is either 14 carat or 18 carat. White gold brings out the brilliance of a diamond the most. Yellow gold complements ruby well whereas rose gold goes well with morganite. It may be yellow gold, rose gold or white gold. Don’t settle for 9 ct or plating ( Gold Vermeil) on silver. Both 18 and 14 ct gold is absolutely gorgeous, long lasting, valuable as well as the best metals to complement high quality stones.



Last but not the least, never settle for a company that does not provide warranties on its rings. Remember that it is going to be an investment and the quality matters a lot. There are many companies that provide a 2 year warranty on its products, so that you can get it repaired if it gets damaged or if a stone falls out in that period of time without spending any money. If it is a well-known store, it would also provide other services such as cleaning and maintenance, etc.

Now that you know how to choose a diamond Full Eternity Ring for your love, why delay any further? Start your search now by keeping these points in mind and make sure you choose a reliable company. This gift will certainly sweep your lady off her feet!




Author Bio: Neil Duckworth is a famous jewellery designer and a regular blogger on full eternity rings UK. Here he guides men on how to buy a stunning piece of full eternity ring for their ladylove.