A Dozen Tips to Keep Your Watch Ticking

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Watches are more than timekeeping devices. They are part of your personality, an extension of yourself. Show you watch the same care and attention that you give to your own wellness, and it will keep ticking for a lifetime. Follow these few simple guidelines and your watch will stay right on time. Remember watches are sophisticated and precise machines, so you should never attempt watch repairs on your own.

  1. Have your mechanical watch checked regularly by a reputable jeweler, watchmaker, or authorized watch retailer. Make sure that the watch is serviced according to the manufacturer's guidelines.

  1. Check your watch on a regularly. Make sure that the strap or bracelet is securely attached to the watchface.

  1. Wind your watch in a clockwise direction at the same time every day. Removing your watch from your wrist while winding reduces pressure on the stem.

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  1. Replace broken or scratched crystals as soon as possible. The smallest cracks can allow dust and moisture to enter into the timekeeping mechanism, reducing the accuracy of the watch.

  1. Know your watch’s water-resistance. If you have any doubt about the exact specifications, avoid wearing your watch in the shower, pool, or on a wet wrist.

  1. If you are unsure of your watch’s water resistance or know for a fact that the watch is not water resistant, avoid immersing your watch in water.

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  1. If you need to clean a watch that is not specified as completely water resistant, wipe down the piece with a slightly damp soft cloth and allow the watch to air dry.

  1. Allow your jeweler, your watchmaker, or an authorized retailer to replace the battery in a quartz watch before it runs out. Dead watch batteries can leak or corrode and ruin the watch.

  1. Never attempt to change your watch battery yourself.

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  1. After a battery replacement, have a water-resistance test run on any water-resistant timepiece, so water will not damage the timepiece.

  1. Oils from the skin can build up on watches. Water-resistant watches can be cleaned with a mixture of warm water and mild soap. Dry the watch with a soft cloth after cleaning.

  1. Leather watch straps should never be cleaned with water and should only be cleaned with products indicated for cleaning leather.  

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