Amazing Amethysts   

February’s birthstone is Amethyst! Amethyst’s unique purple colouration sets it apart from other gemstones. Amethyst comes in all colors of purple, lilac, and mauve. The most valuable amethyst is one with a rich violet color.

Amethyst is a form of quartz that contains iron and other trace minerals within its structure. The purple color of the stone actually comes from iron impurities from within the stone.

Amethyst is found all over the world. Some of the most precious amethysts are found in Greece, Italy, the Middle East, and the north of Africa. Amethysts from around the world have small differences in composition which change the look of the stone. For instance, amethysts from Veracruz, Eastern Mexico, tend to be very pale, while gems from Guerrero, Southwest-Central Mexico, tend to be brightly colored.

The name amethyst derives from the ancient Greek word ‘amethustos’ which means sober. The stone was thought to instill a sober and serious mind in its owner.

Amethyst was prized in ancient times and is still cherished by many people today. During the Renaissance, amethyst resembled humility and modesty. Through the ages, royalty has taken amethysts and used them as a symbol of power. It is believed that amethyst was a personal favorite of Queen Catherine the Great of Russia.

Amethyst is thought to have some healing powers, both physical and mental. Physically, the stone promotes balance and harmony. Amethysts are believed to bring stability in their owners life. They will also lift the spirits of their owner, promoting self assurance and confidence. Amethysts bring a brighter outlook on life and a boosted sense of humor.

Amethyst necklaces, bracelets, or earrings are perfect birthday gifts for anyone whose lucky enough to have a birthday that falls in the month of February. But, along with being great birthday gifts, they also are commonly given to celebrate the 6th year of marriage.

Sterling Silver Amethyst Diamond Halo Ring

Amethysts are precious stones. Sunlight exposure and heat may cause color deterioration of the stone. You should always avoid all contact with harsh chemicals such as household cleaners and hairspray.

To clean your amethyst, dip the stone in a solution of equal parts mild dish soap and warm water. Then, using a soft toothbrush or eyebrow brush, gently scrub the stone.

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