Up today: a gorgeous cameo pendant from our estate jewelry selection!


Cameo jewelry has a long, long history! In fact, people were wearing cameos as far back as the third century BC! Like any other trend, cameos have come in and out of style. After all, fashion is cyclical! Cameos were big in ancient Rome, then faded in popularity. They came back big time in the Renaissance and the Victorian eras. After some time out of the public eye, cameos are on the rise again!

Cameo jewelry is unique because it is different from typical gemstone jewelry. First off, most cameos are not made from gems. They are usually made from semiprecious stones, like shell, coral, ivory, or onyx. Secondly, cameos are entirely different from faceted gemstone jewelry. Cameos are sculptures created by carving at the surface of the material. The artist would use the contrasting colors of the material to show their design against a beautiful background, hence why shell is popular.

As cameos are, in essence, tiny sculptures, they can be considered art as well as jewelry! Typical cameos may feature mythological subjects, such as the Graces. Other cameos were made as a portrait of a specific person. It was a beautiful way to carry around someone important to you with you at all times! Plus, the profile portraiture looked beautiful when carved.

#WeLove This Pendant

Why I Picked This: I have always loved cameo jewelry! I think it's the most romantic type of jewelry. If you consider cameos as portraits, it's a really sweet idea. What could be better than wearing the portrait of someone you love -- in a highly artistic, beautiful way? It's like you blended a locket and a work of art all in one. Plus, I've always loved vintage jewelry, and cameos are quintessential vintage. Now that they're coming back in style, I can't wait to start wearing all sorts of cameo jewelry!

Specifics: This is a cameo pendant from our estate jewelry collection. It is large, for a cameo, and made out of conch shell. The shell provides a beautiful contrast between the pinkish background and the off-white carving. The cameo is a portrait of a woman in antique style attire, though I'm not sure who she is or what time period she is supposed to represent. There is also a small bird in the cameo. A milgrain gold band surrounds the cameo. There is a small clasp for a chain, if you wanted to wear the piece as a pendant. Otherwise, there is a pin-style backing so you could wear the cameo as a brooch. Either way, it would make a stunning accessory sure to turn anyone's head!

Malak Jewelers has several beautiful cameo pieces in our estate jewelry collection! Stop by today to get a jump on the latest trend!

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