Designer Spotlight: Natalie K  

Natalie K started designing exquisite bridal rings in 1998.  An excellent reputation started due to the unique combination of classic and beautiful engagement rings  made in 14K, 18K, and platinum precious  metals.  Natalie K’s delicate designs are suitable for ½ carat to 5 carat diamond centers. Fine jewelry stores across the country including Malak Jewelers carry Natalie K collections.

Continuing to grow, Natalie K has created a collection for every sense of personal style. Many collections have fancy cuts, layers, solitaires, modern bypass rings, bow tie, and halo styles. If you’re a fan of rose gold, Natalie K has the Le Rosé collection with some designs using pink diamonds on the shank.

The Princesse Collection features dazzling princess cut diamond rings. The Trois Diamants Collection highlights the popular three diamond settings, which most notably represent past, present, and future in love and life. The Le De’sir Collection is unique because all rings feature a yellow diamond in the center.

If you’re looking for a matching wedding band to the engagement ring, the L’amour Collection is perfect because rings are sold in sets. Natalie K has not forgotten the men with their Beau wedding band collection.

Natalie K takes pride in that they were chosen by De Beers to use diamonds from one of their brands, ForeverMark. This partnership with ForeverMark has fostered wonderful Natalie K collections such as Bridal, Fashion, and Center of My Universe™. These exclusive collections are all modern, elegant mainstream styles.

Many designs are everyday wear pieces allowing diamonds to be worn during all occasions. The popular halo settings, oval and pear shapes, and yellow diamonds are in such high demand, Natalie K’s ForeverMark collections are always restocking this jewelry.

What Makes ForeverMark so Incredible?

ForeverMark only contains the top 1% of cut diamonds in the world. All ForeverMark diamonds contain a laser inscription of an individualized number with the ForeverMark logo. This inscription is unseen from the naked eye and doesn’t affect the value or beauty of a diamond.

Seen under a microscope, the inscription guarantees authenticity, especially in the age of synthetic diamonds on the market. Each diamond is organic, natural, rare, beautiful, and responsibly sourced. De Beers uses eco-friendly machines and pays higher wages to miners. Additionally, De Beers gives back to the local community where their mines are based. They also fund community and educational programs for families in the area. For more information on forevermark check out their website at

Malak Jewelers is proud to host a plethora of styles to choose from in regards to Natalie K and ForeverMark. Whichever design you like best found online, we can order for you. Also, check out Natalie K’s website at for more information on this beautiful designer.

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