How to Clean, Maintain, and Store Your Gold Jewelry

Gold jewelry is one of the easiest pieces of jewelry to care for. However, if you are not careful to clean, maintain and store your gold correctly, you can easily damage your precious gold jewelry. Here are some tips on how to properly clean, maintain and store your gold necklaces, bracelets or rings.

How to clean

Mild dish detergent is the best tool to use to clean your gold jewelry because it is the least abrasive house cleaner.

In a large bowl, mix 1 cup dish soap and 3 cups warm water. Fully immerse your gold jewelry into the mixture. Let the jewelry soak for 3 hours. If the piece is not that dirty, then only let it soak for an hour. If the piece is extremely dirty, then let it soak for longer than 3 hours. The dish soap will not damage the gold so it can stay in the mixture for longer than 3 hours without causing any damage.

Once the gold has soaked, remove it from the mixture and rinse under hot water. Using a soft brush, gently scrub the gold piece. Lastly, dry the gold jewelry by gently rubbing the piece with a soft or microfiber cloth.

Note: You should clean your gold jewelry every few months to prevent oil build up and tarnishing.

How to maintain

A pro tip that I have always lived by was to make sure that my jewelry was the last thing I put on in the morning, and the first thing I took off when I got home. Doing this prevents the jewelry from coming into contact with any perfumes or lotions.  

I also never take my gold jewelry into the shower, pool, or ocean. Body soaps and shampoos can damage your gold so it is important to take it off before showering.

Chlorine inside of pools are very harmful to not only gold, but all jewelry. It will strip the color and tarnish the piece. Make sure to take off all of your jewelry before entering any pool or hottub.

Beaches are fun places to be, but are dangerous for jewelry. The sand can get inside of the prongs in a gold ring or in the links of a gold chain. The ocean waters are violent and can whip around or tangle your gold necklaces. Also if your lose your jewelry in the ocean, it will be very hard to ever find it again. It is advised to never take your precious jewelry to the beach.

Lastly, you should never workout in your gold jewelry. Your body sweat will add oils to the piece and will cause it to become dirty and lose its shine faster.

How to store

Storing your jewelry properly is just as important as cleaning your jewelry. If the pieces are not stored correctly, they can become scratched or damaged from other jewelry and can even get tangled or broken.

Make sure to store each piece of your jewelry separately.

An easy and cheap way to store your jewelry would be inside of an egg carton. Put each of your pieces into a separate egg slot. This will keep the pieces separate and will prevent scratching.

If you own a jewelry chest, store each piece in a different drawer or compartment.

Having a jewelry tree to hang your pieces on is a great way to prevent tangling. It also keeps the jewelry separate and prevents any damage from happening.

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