Welcome to Malak Jewelers’ Flashback Friday! Each Friday, we will feature a piece or set of jewelry from our Estate Jewelry collection!

With Fourth of July just past, we want to take the time to feature this lovely American flag pin!

The Flag

There's no holiday more American than the Fourth of July. The day we formally declared independence from England, it's symbolic of the foundation of our nation. Obviously, we can be proud of our heritage all year long, but Fourth of July is special. It's the day to be over-the-top, extravagantly American. And what better symbol of our great country than our beautiful, unique flag?

The American flag -- the Stars and Stripes -- was officially adopted by Congress on June 14, 1777 (hence why June 14 is Flag Day!). Legend has it that the famous design was created by Betsy Ross, a Philadelphia seamstress. Originally, the design called for thirteen stripes, alternating red and white, and thirteen white stars on a blue background. This was in honor of the thirteen colonies, at the time, that made up the United States. The colors were carefully chosen to represent American values. Red symbolizes valor, white symbolizes innocence, and blue symbolizes justice. Good colors for a country fighting for their freedom!

Over time, obviously, we've accrued a few more states than just thirteen! So the stars have grown in number as more and more states joined the union. Today, there are 50 white stars on the blue background in honor of our 50 states. But, there are still only 13 stripes. This is to help us remember and honor the original states that declared independence and started our country. North Carolina is one of those founding colonies!

Today, the flag remains a symbol of our country. It is afforded high respect, as it represents our American pride. Our national anthem, the Star-Spangled Banner, was written about the beautiful sight of our flag.

The Pin

This stunning pin is the perfect accessory to show your American spirit! Small enough to be understated but bold enough to catch the eye, it works for any occasion. The pin is less than one square inch, but definitely packs a punch for its size!

The pin is a simplified version of the American flag. Of course, it would be incredibly difficult to fit 50 stars and thirteen stripes on a pin less than one square inch. Plus, making stones small enough to fit such a design would ruin the lustre and beautiful color of the gems. That's not an issue with this pin!

Instead of thirteen stripes, we have seven. The beautiful red and white colors are supplied by alternating bands of rubies and diamonds. The rubies, square cut and a beautiful, deep red, stand out against the elegant simplicity of the white diamonds. There are 24 rubies in total on the pin, and they create a lovely image of our flag.

The stars are a bit further from the original flag. Rather than white stars on a blue background, we have instead sapphires on a white gold background, reversing the colors. Again, the number of stars has been reduced; 50 sapphires would ruin the overall effect! Instead, we have six beautiful sapphires set in star shapes in the gold.

While this pin is not an exact replica of the flag, it's definitely unmistakably an American flag. The overall effect -- a shimmering ruby, sapphire, and diamond banner waving in an assumed wind, is stunning and undeniably patriotic. This piece would make the perfect accent for a Fourth of July outfit, or a great gift for the patriotic American in your life to wear year round!

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