This week, in honor of June’s birthstone being the pearl, we are proud to present this stunning pearl and sapphire set! If you're lucky enough to be a June baby, then your birthstone is one of the most prized in the gem world. Pearls have long been considered a magical gem and it's not hard to understand why. With their shiny lustre and wide range of colors, pearls are definitely eye-catching. The Diamond Council of America's gemstone compendium has more to say about the mystical history of the pearl. My favorite story comes from Asia. Ancient Asian cultures associated pearls with dragons. It was believed that dragons would drop moisture from the heavens into shells, which would then be touched by moonbeams and grow into pearls. How delightful!

While pearls -- sadly -- do not come from dragons, they are definitely unique among the gem world. Pearls are organic gems, rather than mineral. Other organic gems include amber, coral, and shell. Pearls grow inside mollusks when a shell bead nucleus is coated in nacre, a material secreted by the mollusk. The nacre provides the lovely sheen and glow that make pearls beautiful.

Malak Jewelers has a large selection of pearls, both estate and designer. These pieces in particular caught my eye for their beautiful collaborative effect and the sapphire accents. While these pieces are not a matched set, they go together beautifully. Each piece would make a lovely gift on its own or all three pieces together. If you’re looking for a perfect gift for the perfect pearl lover in your life, look no further!

This necklace features a beautiful length of 69 pearls and a beautiful 18K white gold clasp. The clasp has another central pearl surrounded by 8 beautiful blue sapphires. The combination of the lustrous white of the pearls and the cool blue of the sapphires creates a soothing effect that is reminiscent of water or moonlight in a dark, night sky. It's a beautiful, timeless piece that would work for any occasion.

The bracelet is similar, with three ropes of pearls and an 18K white gold clasp. Although the pearls on the bracelet are slightly smaller than those on the necklace, there are more; 66 on the band, in three ropes of 22 pearls apiece. Once again, the clasp also features stunning blue sapphires and additional pearls. The 8 pearls and 15 sapphires on the bracelet's clasp, however, are arranged in more of a floral pattern. The effect is a beautiful blue and white flower sure to brighten anyone's day.

Finally, the earrings are the perfect blend of simplicity and elegance. Each earring features three beautiful pearls arranged in a triangle. The earrings are 14K white gold, and make the perfect finishing touch. The earrings manage to bring a minimalistic touch without feeling boring or predictable.

Malak Jewelers has an extensive collection of estate jewelry for sale. Come check out our vintage and pre-loved pieces. You might just find your next heirloom!

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