Religious Jewelry

Jewelry has long been associated with religion. As far back as ancient Egypt, priests have used jewelry to show their affiliations with the gods. Religious iconography is a big part of this. Egyptians had symbols associated with specific gods: the eye of Horus, for example, would indicate that a person is a devotee of Horus. Religious jewelry wasn't limited to just priests; laypersons could also wear jewelry asserting their devotion to their god(s).

Over time, jewelry has become no less popular as a way to show your religious affiliation and devotion. Christian jewelry evolved out of practical symbols. Rosaries are a necessary part of Catholic practices. Catholics would use the rosary in their prayers, so it became a very common form of jewelry. Wealthy people would make their rosaries beautiful and ornate, with precious metals and jewels. This ornamentation began to move rosaries from more practical to ornamental purposes.

Over time, the beads on rosaries began to disappear, but the tradition of wearing a cross on a necklace remained. Cross necklaces are now one of the most iconic symbols of Christianity (along with fishes). There is some slight difference between a cross and a crucifix: a crucifix is a cross which depicts the body of Jesus Christ on it. Both are associated with Christianity, though Protestant denominations tend to prefer non-crucifix crosses.

#WeLove This Crucifix

Staff Member: Bekah Crowe

Role: Photographer. Bekah is photographing all our inventory, so she is familiar with the wide variety of jewelry Malak Jewelers has to offer!

Why I Picked This: Bekah was interested in our selection of cross and crucifix necklaces, but this one in particular caught her eye. She said there was a lot to like about this crucifix: it's the perfect shade of gold (yellow gold, not too yellow but not too brown, either), and it's small enough to be easy to wear daily. The thing Bekah liked most about this crucifx, though, was the simplicity of its depiction of Jesus. She said she liked that it was simple, but not too simple. If you're paying even the slightest attention, it catches your eye and draws you in to look closer, but it's not going to distract anyone and everyone who so much as looks in your direction.

Specifications: This crucifix is made of 14K yellow gold and measures approximately 3/4 of an inch in length. It features Jesus on the cross, with minor detailing. The crucifix also features the nameplate with INRI in small lettering. INRI is an acronym meaning "IESVS NAZARENVS REX IVDÆORVM" or "Jesus the Nazarene, King of the Jews." In the Bible story depicting the crucifixion of Jesus, that label was placed on his cross, as a statement of his crimes (Jesus was put to death for treason against the Roman Empire, by virtue of being named "King of the Jews"). The back of the crucifix also features some lovely engraving, so the necklace looks lovely from all angles.

Malak Jewelers has a wide selection of cross and crucifix jewelry, so there's something for every taste! Whether you, like Bekah, prefer something simple, or want something more eye-catching, we have the piece for you at Malak Jewelers!

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