Gorgeous Garnet

January’s birthstone is garnet! The garnet family is incredibly diverse and comes in a rainbow of colors. From the blazing orange of mandarin garnet, to the deep green of tsavorite garnet, and to the widely known deep red of pyrope garnet. There is no other gemstone that comes in such a broad spectrum of color and luster.  

Garnets are one of the oldest gemstones dating all the way back to the bronze age. Legends say that garnets light up the night and defend against nightmares. It is also thought to bring safety to its owners and was carried by travelers to protect them on their journeys. 

The name garnet comes from the latin word ‘garanatus’ which means “seed like.” Garnet was given this name because when it is mined in small pieces it closely resembles the bright red seeds you find inside of a pomegranate.

In Greek mythology, pomegranates were viewed as a gift of love and represented eternity. Nowadays, garnets remain a symbol of love and are often given as gifts for the two-year, six-year or nineteen-year anniversaries of marriage.

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