Your Guide to Buying the Best Wedding Anniversary Gifts

By Evie Jones

Best Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Wedding anniversaries are some of the most special moments in the lives of married couples. Every couple wants to celebrate these very special occasions. Traditionally, gifts and wedding anniversaries are associated with each other, and each year corresponds with a particular gift.

Initial Years: One to Five

During the first few years after your wedding, you might still be in the honeymoon phase. Every year in this phase is special. Every passing year in this phase should be more meaningful than the previous one. Below are the perfect gifts for the 1rst through the 5th wedding anniversary.

1rst Year: To mark the completion of the first year together, a nice clock would be the ideal choice. A clock is the perfect symbol of the time you and your betrothed are going to spend with each other for many years to come.

2nd Year: The perfect 2nd anniversary gift would be something that has been made out of china clay. It could be a kitchen set or even a mug.

3rd Year: Anything that has been made out of crystal glass would be the gift to give on a 3rd wedding anniversary.

4th Year: Appliances for the daily household jobs are the perfect gifts for the 4th wedding anniversary.

5th Year: Completing five years together is an important moment for any couple. There is nothing better than gifting silverware to carry forward the strong bonding for many more years to come.

The 6th to the 10th Anniversary

Five years together as a couple is a big feat, so to make the coming years special the gifts need to be apt. For the 6th anniversary, go for a gift that has been made out of Wood. Wood is the perfect symbol for a solidified relationship. A good 7th anniversary gift is a desk set. Linen or Lace are good gifts for the 8th anniversary. For the 9th and the 10th anniversaries, leather and diamond jewelry are ideal gifts.

The 11th to the 50th Anniversary

15th Year: A beautiful watch is the best way to signify the fifteen years of togetherness you and your spouse have shared.

25th Year: The 25th wedding anniversary is the Silver Jubilee, and this anniversary is a very special moment for a couple as it marks the completion of the quarter of a century of marriage. Giving a stylish silver jewelry or ornament is the perfect way to celebrate this moment.

40th Year: Reaching the 40 th year mark is an achievement. There is no better way to celebrate this feat than Rubies, which are symbols of peace, contentment and protection. Giving Ruby jewelry as an anniversary gift stands for love, friendship and loyalty.

50th Year: All couples who have been fortunate enough to stay with each other for so long should definitely celebrate this amazing feat by gifting precious jewelry or any item made of gold. Gold is always the perfect gift.

There are a few lucky couples that go beyond the 50 year mark. Anything above this will be a bonus and the couples must feel that they are blessed. For the 60th and the 75th year of marriage, there is no better gift than diamonds.

Wrapping Up

All the gifts mentioned in this article are symbolic in their own way. Giving gifts marking each and every year of your wedding anniversary would make the anniversaries special.

Author Bio- Evie Jones is a jewellery designer associated with a Melbourne based Diamond Company, an online store that offers a vast collection of unique radiant diamonds for wedding and engagement rings. Evie loves to explore and share the latest diamond ring trends with others.

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