How To Minimize Security Risks When Traveling With Jewelry

By Ralph Goodman

Traveling helps to open your mind and broaden your perspective on different issues that people from different walks of life might face. However, there are many dangers that foreign locations and foreign lands pose. If you are traveling through a new town, city or country, you are almost always at a disadvantage because you are in unfamiliar territory. This simple fact increases your likelihood of becoming a victim, especially if you travel with valuables. Today, I will be taking a look at the ways in which you can minimize your security risks when traveling with jewelry. This article will be expanding on some of the ideas explored in this past blog post, and will take them further by applying them to safety when traveling with jewelry.

Potential Security Risks That You Face

Traveling with jewelry can increase the risks to your safety and security, simply because you are carrying high-value items. These kinds of high-value items are like magnets to burglars and criminals, and in a country where tourists may already be singled out as potential marks, traveling with jewelry elevates this risk. I realize that not every security risk will be evident to you, so I want to take the time to run through some of the potential security risks that you might face when you travel with jewelry:

1. Theft

The main security risk that most people are aware of is theft. Even so, very few people employ measures to safeguard against theft. Jewelry helps accentuate a person's features and it helps them make a statement. However, these statements often make people stand out. When you are traveling and sporting jewelry, it becomes nearly impossible to fly under the radar, and this makes it easier for criminals to single you out and steal from you. Jewelry is valuable and it is easy to sell, which makes it very attractive to criminals.

2. Burglary

Burglary and theft are very closely related but different in a sense. A burglary is defined as the unlawful entry into a building or location with the purpose of committing a crime, which in this case is theft. The thing is, a regular theft could occur on the street corner, and could be perpetrated by a criminal who might snatch a necklace right off your neck. However, a burglary opens up the possibility of criminals invading your personal and private space (hotels, rentals, cars etc.) in the hopes of making off with your jewelry. There are many known cases of tourists falling victims to burglars who broke into their hotel rooms, or vacation rentals, just to steal some jewelry.

3. Storage Vulnerabilities

If you own some form of jewelry, you will know that storage plays an important role. Without the use of proper storage methods, not only will your jewelry be exposed to elements that might damage it, but it will also be susceptible to instances of theft and burglary as were discussed above. The difficulty with storing jewelry while traveling is that you have to take into account all the potential ways someone can access your jewelry when you are not in sight. This has to be done regardless of the method you use to travel. Since you are there to travel, and not to sit on your jewelry, it is safe to say that it will not always be in your sight, which is why storage vulnerabilities have to be considered.

How To Minimize These Security Risks

1. Be Selective With Your Jewelry

Part of jewelry ownership is to be selective and to choose a piece that truly embodies your personality without going overboard. Being selective with your jewelry will help reduce the number of valuables you end up traveling with. You should also be selective with when you choose to wear your jewelry and where you choose to wear it. It might sound like a hassle, but minimizing the jewelry you bring on a trip, and minimizing the times that you wear them, drastically reduce the security risk that you could face. Flaunting your jewelry is extremely risky when you are in a new place, so take steps to avoid doing this.

2. Pack Your Jewelry Appropriately

In this regard, you should avoid leaving your packing for the last minute because that will increase the possibility of packing your jewelry inappropriately. Taking the time to pack your jewelry with security in mind will mitigate some of your storage vulnerabilities. Make sure that your jewelry is not prominently displayed in your luggage, especially if you are flying. In these instances, your jewelry is at risk as soon as you leave your home because there will be various people that come into contact with your luggage. If possible, stow your jewelry in a small lock box that you can hide within your luggage, and then use a high-security padlock to keep your luggage secure.

3. Keep Your Jewelry Close

Cultivate the habit of keeping your jewelry close whenever you travel. This does not necessarily mean that you have to wear it and put it on display. Instead, place your jewelry in a bag or a purse that is always within arms reach. This helps mask your valuables from prying eyes. Also, in lieu of placing your jewelry in your luggage when you are traveling, you can always opt to place it within your carry-on items, if you are flying. This helps keep them close by and reduces the possibility of anyone snagging your jewelry along the way. Keep in mind that attempting to keep your jewelry close should not infringe upon basic jewelry care, so don’t shower with your jewelry on because you think it will be stolen while you are in the shower.

4. Jewelry Insurance

Insurance is a very neat tool that helps minimize all sorts of risks your jewelry might face while you are traveling. I advise that you take the time to look into the various insurance options at your disposal before you settle on one. Make sure you find one that will give you the best value for your jewelry should anything go wrong. This can be viewed as sort of a fail safe in case the unexpected happens. However, you should not think that because you have insurance for your jewelry that you have the license to ignore all the issues pointed out above. You should still make it a point to practice safety measures that keep you out of harm's way.

5. Be Wary Of Storage Methods

Anyone who has ever stayed in a hotel knows that hotel often provides safes that you can utilize during your stay. In-room hotel safes are one of the types of safes people trust  to protect your valuables. However, it is extremely important that you be wary of these in-room safes because they place your jewelry in much more danger than you realize. In-room hotels safes are notoriously insecure and can be easily bypassed by burglars. Also, there are numerous people within the hotel who might have access to your in-room safe, which increases its security vulnerabilities. This ranges from the cleaning staff to the hotel manager. I would admonish you to keep your jewelry on your person, especially if you only took one or two pieces.

If you traveled with a lot of jewelry, you should talk to the hotel staff (probably the concierge or a manager) and ask them to use their secure safe which is most likely housed in their office. Almost every hotel has a secure safe that they allow their residents to use, sometimes for an extra cost. Even if there is a cost included, it is worth it, because this will include documentation and someone will be held accountable should anything befall your jewelry.


Your jewelry is an important personal statement, and it is also valuable, so make sure you treat it as such. Take the time to brush up on personal protection tips and apply them as you travel. Doing this in conjunction with the points outlined above will help keep you and your jewelry safe from harm, and it will ensure that you have an enjoyable trip all around.