How to Give a Meaningful Gift   

Most people walk around feeling underappreciated. We all long for appreciation and acknowledgement from others. A great way to show your loved one how amazing they are is with a special gift. Something that will show them that you care about them and appreciate all they do for you.

If you have already found the perfect gift that shows your appreciation, congratulations, the hardest part is done. But, you aren’t completely done yet. You need to find a special way to give your gift. Giving your gift in a meaningful way adds to the sentiment of the gift. It shows your loved one that you went above and beyond for them.

Most people are a at a loss when it comes to giving a gift. They don't know how to give a special gift. If this is you, do not fear, here is a complete guide highlighting the top ways to give a special gift in a meaningful way.

Take her to a meaningful place

Giving a gift in a place that means a lot to the both of you will add sentiment to the gift. Maybe walk along the spot where you first asked your loved one out, maybe go to the restaurant that you both went to on your first date, or to the spot where you shared your first kiss.

Take your love on a walk down memory lane and explain how much these little moments meant to you. When you finally reach the spot where you asked her out, or shared your first kiss, give her the gift. Doing this right at the place you both shared a past experience will add romance to the moment. You both will enjoy reliving past moments in your lives. It will draw you closer and enhance the romance of the moment.   

Share your feelings

This is the perfect time for you to open up and share how you truly feel about your loved one. Take the time to explain what you love about her. Also, share why you are giving the gift. Let her know how much she means to you.

Sharing your feelings helps grow bonds between couples. Also, it lets her know that she really is appreciated and cared for. Once you have shared your feelings, bring out the gift. Sharing your feelings before giving a special gift sets a romantic mood and helps create the perfect ambiance to give a gift.

Write a heartfelt letter

If speaking your feelings out loud seems scary or unnatural, write a heartfelt letter. Tell her how much she means to you and what you love about her. Then, while she is reading the letter pull out the gift and have it ready for when she looks up. This is a great way to surprise her with something special.

An added bonus of a letter is that you can keep it forever. Put it in a scrapbook, or frame it and hang it in her office. This way she can keep it forever and read it whenever she needs a little bit of encouragement.

Take pictures

This tip requires a little bit of help from friends or family. Have someone you trust hideout around the area you are planning to give your gift. Then when you give the gift have him, or her, take pictures of the moment. You don’t want your loved one to know that someone is taking pictures, that way you can get her candid response.

This is a great idea because then you both can remember the moment forever. You can have it framed and hung in your home. This will be a very special moment that you two share, and pictures will be a  great way to capture the romance and love of the moment.

If you want, you can hire a professional photographer to get higher quality images. I have found from past experience that trustworthy friends do a great job, and you have the added bonus of saving some money.

Have the perfect gift

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