Birthstones are special gemstones associated with the date of your birth. Many people feel a special connection to their birthstone. Originally, birthstones were associated with zodiac signs, and anyone could wear them. In fact, you were encouraged to wear the stone associated with the current zodiac sign to gain favor and blessings. Over time, that association shifted to birth month. Rather than everyone wearing the current zodiac's stone, people would favor their particular stones

Birthstone popularity took off beginning around the 16th century. Birthstones have remained popular ever since. But sometimes it can be hard to know what your birthstone is. Some months have two or even three stones -- why is that? Well, in 1912, the United States' National Association of Jewelers created a new, "modern" list of gemstones. They picked all transparent stones, with the reasoning that they were easier to mix together. Previously, opaque stones (think turquoise) were included.

Nowadays, the two lists -- modern and traditional -- coexist. That gives people more options to choose from in terms of their birthstone. It also means people are more free to play around. With so many stones to choose from, creating a unique piece is easier than ever!

Wondering what your birthstone is? Want to know if you have more than one stone to choose from? Read on to find out!


January only has one birthstone. Garnet is both the traditional and modern choice. However, garnet comes in many, many lovely colors, so there's still a lot to play around with!


Like January, February has only one birthstone. The birthstone for February -- both modern and traditional -- is amethyst.


March has two birthstones! The traditional birthstone for March is bloodstone. This opaque stone features red or brown spots on a green or white background. The modern alternative is aquamarine.


April only has one birthstone -- because with a stone like this, you don't need more than one option! April's birthstone is the classic diamond.


Like April, May babies have such a beautiful choice that there was no need for a new option! May's birthstone is the exquisite emerald.


June is a rare month that has not one, not two, but three birthstones! The traditional birthstone for June is the elegant pearl. Unlike many of the other traditional choices, pearls are still very much in fashion. However, when looking for a modern alternative, the jewelers chose a rare beauty -- alexandrite! This stone is unique and very special. In Scandinavian countries, the modern choice for June is moonstone, another unusual option.


July is another month with only one birthstone. That's because July's birthstone is the radiant ruby -- a timeless choice!


August is another three-stone month! The traditional stone for August is sardonyx, a chalcedony variety. There are two modern choices: peridot and spinel.


September is the last month with only one birthstone. That's because September has the last of the Big Four stones: stunning sapphire!


October has two birthstone choices. The traditional choice for October is the lovely opal. The modern alternative is tourmaline. October babies are blessed with an abundance of colorful choices!


November also has two choices. Topaz is the traditional choice for November. The modern choice for November is citrine, which is actually often mistaken for topaz!


We finish off the year with another three-stone month! The traditional choice for December is turquoise, tanzanite or blue zircon. December is all about the beautiful blue!

Still not happy with your choices? There are alternative birthstones based on a number of factors! You could select a birthstone based on your zodiac sign, the day of the week or hour of the day that you were born, or even your guardian angel!

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