Protecting Your Priceless Pearls: One Dozen Tips and Tricks

Woman with Pearl Necklaces

  1. “Last on and first off” is the Golden Rule of Pearls! Always make sure your pearls are the last item you put on and the first you remove. Hairsprays, cosmetics, and lotions can damage pearls.

  1. Never clean your pearls with any container containing bleach, chlorine, ammonia, or vinegar. All damage pearls!  

  1. Always store your pearl necklaces flat to prevent stretching! While other necklaces can be hung up, pearls should always be stored flat so that the silk thread doesn’t lose integrity.

Carved Pearl Necklace by Galatea

Carved Pearl Necklace by Galatea

  1. Remember pearls can dehydrate! If you have to store your pearls in a safe deposit box or other airtight safe, make sure to place a cup of water inside too. This will prevent the pearls from becoming dehydrated and losing their luster.

  1. Wear your pearls often! There’s a saying that pearls want to be worn, and it’s true! The moisture and warmth of your skin will help to moisturize the pearls and keep them shining.

  1. BUT always remove your pearls before you do anything that could make you sweat! The pH of sweat is damaging to pearls. We recommend wiping off your pearls with a soft cloth when you remove them at night.  

Pearl Post Earrings by Martha Seely Design

Pearl Post Earrings by Martha Seely Design (Jewelers of America)

  1. Store your pearls in individual soft bags away from your other jewelry, so that they don’t get scratched.

  1. Wipe your pearls down with a soft cloth and lukewarm water if there are visible stains. Some recommend adding mild dish soap, but a cleaner specifically made for pearls is a safer choice. Using distilled or mineral water is a safer choice than tap water for cleaning pearls.  

  1. Never submerge your pearl necklace in water! The pearls will be fine, but the water will damage the silk thread.

Pearl Jewelry Box Stock Image

Exactly how NOT to store your pearls!

  1. Never use an ultrasonic cleaner with pearls, as it will damage their surface.

  1. Never store your pearls in plastic bags! Plastic bags have chemical elements that can hurt your pearls.

  1. Have your pearls restrung every year by your jeweler to ensure against breaking a strand! Nothing is worse than pearls that go missing when a strand breaks.

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