A Dozen Things to Know about Precious Platinum

Platinum and Diamond Rings

  1. Platinum is the heaviest and rarest of the precious metals. In fact, all the platinum ever mined could be stored in the living room of an average sized house.

  1. 10 tons of ore and a 5 month process are required to produce a single ounce of bullion grade platinum. Bullion grade platinum has an expected purity of 99.95%.  

  1. Platinum is more durable than gold and is sold in a purer form. The platinum that is available in jewelry is so pure that it is not even classified according to karat. Instead, there is an expected minimum 95% purity for platinum jewelry stamped PLT or PLAT. If the purity is lower, the stamp will indicate the ratio of platinum to alloy. For instance, a ring stamped 900PLAT consists of 900 parts of platinum out of 1000.

Crystals of pure platinum grown by gas phase transport

“Crystals of pure platinum grown by gas phase transport” by Periodictableru / CC BY 3.0

  1. Platinum is hypoallergenic and perfect for people with sensitive skin!

  1. Unlike white gold, platinum will never fade or change color, as it is a naturally white metal. While gold requires its rhodium coating to be replaced every year or 18 months to retain its original luster.

  1. Platinum’s durability make it the metal of choice for mounting the world’s most precious diamonds such as the Hope Diamond, the Jonker I, the Koh-I-Noor, and the Taylor-Burton Diamond. Unlike gold or silver, platinum prongs are incredibly resistant to warping or bending.

Hope Diamond

The Hope Diamond is set in platinum because of platinum’s remarkable durability.

  1. Nearly 90% of all the world’s platinum is mined in South Africa or Russia. Most South African platinum is committed to industrial use.  

  1. Even though platinum is incredibly durable, it is still important to clean it regularly. The same methods that are used to clean gold can be used to clean platinum. For information about check out A Dozen Tips and Tricks for Taking Care of Gold Jewelry.

  1. Every 6 months or so, have a professional jeweler clean and buff your platinum jewelry to keep it in tip-top appearance. Professional jewelers will also polish your platinum jewelry so that it does not develop matte patina.

Matched Set from Diana Classic in Platinum

“Matched Set from Diana Classic in Platinum” by Jennifer Dickert / CC BY 2.0

  1. To prevent scratches, always store platinum jewelry separate from other jewelry, ideally with each piece in an individual chamois bag.

  1. Platinum is denser than other precious metals, making platinum rings feel more substantial and preventing top heavy rings from spinning on the finger.

  1. Platinum rings will always have the same weight as when you started wearing them. This is because scratches merely displace platinum, but scratches to gold indicate a loss of gold. Gold rings can become thin over time, but platinum is eternal.  

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