Tournament Prize

golf stock 1

A professional golfer and his father were playing in a father/son golf tournament televised around the country.   Caddying for the son was a beautiful young lady to whom he was planning a proposal of marriage.

The sportscasters announcing the tournament let the viewers in on what was about to happen.  They watched avidly as she took the flag out of the hole and stood off to the edge of the green while the father putted out.  As he reached in the hole to retrieve his ball he secretly left a diamond ring in the bottom of the cup.

As the son's "caddy" looked down to replace the flag in the hole she saw the ring and jumped back in surprise.  The young golfer walked over, retrieved the ring from the hole, and on his knee asked her to marry him.

Slipping the beautiful diamond ring on her finger, they embraced on the 17th green in front of  a crowd of onlookers and golf fans watching all over the country.

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