The Hottest Engagement Ring Trends of the Year

We are halfway through the year, and these are the engagement ring trends we have been seeing and are absolutely in love with!


Oval is the new shape for 2018! Oval cuts capture the same brilliance as round cuts but add a  vintage vibe. Oval rings have the elegance of an elongated shape. They give off a sophisticated look, and they even appear larger than rounded diamonds.

East west setting

2018 is the time to break tradition! Instead of the traditional North-South ring, we are in love with East-West settings. This setting offers a unique way to express your love.

Rose gold

The rose gold trend has been on the rise as an alternative to traditional metals. This sweet looking metal exudes romance. It gives a feminine look to any ring. 2018 seems to be colored in rose gold!

Vintage inspired designs  

Vintage is the new style sweeping 2018! Vintage inspired engagement rings are timeless and glamorous. They are absolutely romantic and speak to everlasting love. If you want something unique and traditional, vintage is the style for you.

Colored gemstones

Just as color is making its way into wedding dress trends for 2018, it is also encapsulating engagement ring designers. From bright colors to rich and dark, all colors are welcome! Stand out gemstones are the newest way to add color to your life in 2018!

Pear-cut style

Pear cut diamond rings are the new fashion forward way to be engaged. This is the perfect ring for the trend setting bride. Pear shape rings embody the balance of style and grace. The graceful curves of the pear cut engagement ring will match her everyday style.

Ring stacks

2018 is the year of layers! Layering necklaces, bracelets and rings is the hottest trend. Brides can layer two or three bands with their engagement ring. They even have the choice to layer different styles to make a statement.

Twisted detail

Twisted style engagement rings are twisting themselves into 2018! The twisted style stands out from the average halo design. It gives a timeless but understated feel to any bride.  

Cushion cut diamonds set in halo

Halo rings have been popular for a while, and they still continue to dazzle in 2018! This year the favorite setting is a halo that frames a cushion cut diamond. An added bonus, halos make any stone appear larger.

Triple stones

Triple stone rings are in this year, and it is all because of Meghan Markle’s stunning engagement ring. This timeless setting represents the journey a couple takes together. Past, present, and future, triple stone engagement rings are here to stay!

Floral accents

Flowers are blooming everywhere, including in engagement rings. Adding a floral accent to your ring magnifies the natural feeling of love. A floral halo adds a whimsical touch to any ring.

Elaborate side views

Why only have a ring that looks beautiful on the top? Side view engagement rings are perfect for the bride that wants a ring with 360 degree views. The elaborate detailing in these side view rings are breathtaking and add another dimension to your ring.

Double shanks

Double shank engagement rings are twice as pretty. They give off an architectural look that is absolutely exquisite. And who doesn’t love the added sparkle this setting gives?

Mixed metals

If you can’t decide on which metal to choose for your engagement ring, here is the perfect solution. Mixing metals for rings is a hot trend in 2018! Using one metal for your halo and one for your setting is a great way to add dimension and texture to your ring.

Delicate settings

Dainty jewelry is hitting every runway in 2018, including dainty engagement rings. These settings are delicate and intricate. They are not too flashy but still have plenty of shine. They also pair well with other dainty rings to make a statement.  

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