Tips for Surprising Your Special Someone

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it is time to start thinking about gift ideas for your loved one. When shopping for jewelry, it can be hard to pick something that your special someone will like. You can’t ask her because then it would ruin the surprise, but without knowing what she likes you risk buying something that she might end up hating. With these simple tips it can be easy to see what your special someone would like without clueing them in on the surprise.

Scan her pinterest account

Pinterest accounts are a great way for people to save images of items they want. If your loved one owns a pinterest account it is very likely that she has pinned some jewelry items that she likes, such as a sapphire ring or a diamond necklace. Take ideas from her pinterest account and find matching items at local jewelry stores. You can even bring in the picture that she pinned and the staff will be more than happy to find something similar to the picture.

Put on your listening ears

When an ad for jewelry comes on or one of your friends is wearing a new diamond tennis bracelet, listen to the reaction of your special someone. If she comments that she likes the new pair of diamond stud earrings that the ad is showing or if she is really enthusiastic about the diamond tennis bracelet, then these items could be something that she would want.

See what is right in front of you

Look at what she wears right now. Are her necklaces simple or extravagant? Does she wear more silver or gold? Does she own more of one gemstone than any other? These simple questions will help you figure out what kind of jewelry she prefers. Once you have these answers, take your new knowledge with you to the store and tell an attendant. They will be more than happy to help you find something that matches her taste.

Her friends are your friends

Talk to her friends. Ask them if she has said anything lately about jewelry pieces she would really like. It is highly likely that she has told them of something she wants and they will be more than willing to clue you in.

Catalogue watch

Buy a jewelry catalogue and secretly place it somewhere she will see it. If she picks it up and looks at it, watch her. She may circle certain items that stick out to her or she may stare at a certain piece of jewelry longer than others. The pieces she has looked at or circled may be something that she wants. You can take your catalogue into the jewelry store and they can help you find the specific piece she wants.

This step does have some risks. She may think it is strange that you have a jewelry catalogue and may suspect that you are planning to buy her jewelry. Make sure to be as secretive as possible. Don’t be too obvious about the catalogue. Maybe put it in the mailbox so it seems as if it were mailed to you and you didn’t purposefully get it.

With these simple tips it can be easy to find out what your loved one wants. Once you have found out, come by Malak Jewelers. We would be more than happy to help you find something that she will absolutely love.


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