Malak Jewelers: A True Diamond Direct Importer

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The phrases diamond importer, direct diamond importer, and true diamond direct importer are tossed around a lot these days. But what does it mean to be a true direct diamond importer? Why should the customer care? How did Malak Jewelers come to be one of the Southeast’s largest direct diamond importers?

In 1980, Mr. Asaad Malak moved to Westchester County, New York and began working in New York City’s world renowned Diamond District. That same year he opened his first store, which was stocked with jewelry he had purchased from the finest wholesalers of diamond jewelry. Success found him, and within a few years Malak was able to begin manufacturing his own line of jewelry with small diamonds purchased from local wholesalers. Over time, demand grew, and larger diamonds had to be purchased.

Here, there, and everywhere

Here, there, and everywhere. Asaad Malak has scoured the globe for the finest diamonds available on the market.

Malak began traveling the world to buy from larger diamond wholesalers and visit some of the largest diamond trade shows and events, including the JCK Las Vegas trade show, Centorian in Arizona, the Hong Kong trade show, and Basalworld in Switzerland. During this period, Malak was able to attend six shows a year and meet the most well-respected, and well-renowned diamond manufactures and cutters. These personal connections and relationships allowed Malak to remove the middleman and pass the savings on to the customer.

By traveling regularly to Tel Aviv, Israel and Antwerp, Belgium, hand selecting only the finest diamonds, and paying COD, Malak Jewelers is able to directly import the finest Gemological Institute of America (GIA) graded diamonds directly from the manufacturer to the showroom. Nearly 20 years ago, Mr. Malak and his family relocated to Charlotte and opened his first store in the Arboretum in South Charlotte.

The Malak Jewelers Showroom

The Malak Jewelers Showroom. In addition to true direct diamond importing, Malak Jewelers has the Southeast’s largest collection of fine estate jewelry.  

A passion for knowledge, rigorous study with GIA, and decades of experience have allowed Malak to truly be a perfectionist when it comes to selecting a diamond. Malak hand selects every single diamond with the highest standards and rejects approximately 99% of all diamonds offered for sale, even those that others would find acceptable.

Malak refuses to spend millions of dollars on advertising. This allows prices to be unbeatable. Malak states that at Malak Jewelers, "We are consultants and advisers- not sales people.” This is how Asaad Malak operates his business. The commitment is to provide the customer one of the largest selections of diamonds, bridal, engagement rings, and fine jewelry in the Carolinas at exceptional value along with unprecedented customer service. Investments made with Malak Jewelers is guarded by a 100 Day Price Protection Guarantee and every diamond is guaranteed conflict-free. Asaad Malak vows to exceed your expectations.