The History of Valentine’s Day   

February has long been celebrated as a month of romance. With Valentine’s day being February fourteenth, it creates a feeling of love throughout the entire month.  

Valentine’s Day is believed to have started in Rome. The Romans had a festival called Lupercalia which would signify the start of their springtime. As part of the celebration, boys would draw names of girls from a box and they would be boyfriend and girlfriend for the duration of the festival.  

Now, instead of boys picking girls names, boys pick out gifts for their valentine to show how special they truly are.

Best Gifts to Give During Valentine’s Day  

The most popular gift to give during this time is jewelry. Some extraordinary jewelry items to give for valentine's day are ruby and garnet gemstones or heart shaped pieces.

The color red is an intense color that is packed with emotion including love, passion, and romance. Gifting red jewels, such as rubies or garnets, are ways to symbolize your love.

Rubies are found in many different shades of red, from a rich dark red to a pinkish red. The deeper red the ruby is the more valuable it is. The red hue of a ruby comes from traces of the mineral chromium within the stone. Due to the brilliant red of a ruby, they are often thought to represent the essence and vibrancy of life. If there is one gemstone that represents the passion of love, it is a ruby.  

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Garnets come in a rainbow of colors. The most widely known shades are a beautiful range of reds, from rust colored to deep violet red. Garnets represent a light heart, loyalty, and enduring affections. If you have a loved one and want to show them how special they are to you this valentine’s day, garnets are a great way to represent your love.

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The heart is in the center of the body, and in ancient times people thought that the heart was the center of emotions. Since love is one of the strongest emotions, the heart became the main symbol of love. Now, heart shaped jewelry is a great gift to give to symbolize your love for that special person.

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