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This week, check out this pair of stunning Victorian-style sterling silver necklaces!

Victorian Jewelry

When Queen Victoria took the English throne in 1837, she started a new era. The Victorian era, named for the young queen, stretched through the long 19th century: Victoria ruled from 1837 until her death in 1901, nearly 64 years. Of course, with a reign that long, there are distinct subsections of the "Victorian era." Still, despite these distinct periods, the Victorian period as a whole has a distinct feel that had a real impact on fashion.

The Victorian era saw new advancements in technology that allowed for new styles and fashions. At the same time, changing social mores led to new ideas of aesthetics and self-expression. Having a young queen meant that the early Victorian period focused on more whimsical jewelry and fashions. Victoria was fond of jewelry and bright colors, leading to a beautiful period of high fashion and gemstone jewelry.

After the death of her husband, Prince Albert, in 1861, Victoria (and England) plunged into mourning. Victorian society had strict guidelines for mourning practices, including regulations on what colors could be worn. This mourning would last the remainder of the Victorian era, leading to darker fashions, including jewelry. Dark jewelry, such as onyx and jet, became de rigueur.

The end of the Victorian era saw a backlash against mass produced jewelry, leading to the emergence of Art Nouveau and Arts and Crafts styles. These saw a focus on flowing lines, delicate pieces, and unique, handmade jewelry. When Victoria died in 1901, the Edwardian period (named after Victoria's successor, King Edward VII) kicked off. The Edwardian era also focused on flowing lines, with an emphasis on swirls, bows, and openwork jewelry, drawing on trends of the late Victorian era.

#WeLove These Necklaces

Staff Member: Colleen Etman

Role: Content Producer. I write all the blog posts. Since I came up with the idea of #WeLove Wednesday (as well as writing up all the #WeLove posts), I'm claiming the last Wednesday of every month for myself, since I really love jewelry and there's a lot to love at Malak Jewelers!

Why I Picked This: I've always been obsessed with the Victorian era. I blame my mother, who gave me the middle name "Victoria." The aesthetics of Victorian jewelry are beautiful, especially late Victorian jewelry with its emphasis on flowing, delicate beauty. These pieces in particular caught my eye, because they look beautiful together even though they are not an actual set. I love the way they work together even though they are obviously different: the clear pendant is heavier, while the black pendant is almost Edwardian in style. Despite their differences, the necklaces look absolutely stunning paired together.

Specifications: These two necklaces are separate pieces. Both are set in sterling silver, meaning they are slightly cheaper (though sterling silver does require more care than, say, platinum). The oxidization of the silver gives these necklaces the lovely dark tone that provides both age and mystery.

The clear pendant is made of rock crystal, and features several small diamond accents. The black pendant is onyx -- classic Victorian mourning jewelry -- with diamond accents in a garland pattern typical of late Victorian/Edwardian jewelry.

Malak Jewelers has many beautiful vintage inspired pieces to check out! We also have actual vintage pieces in our Estate Collection, if you're looking for authenticity!

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