JM Care Information

Can I get coverage for loss and theft, too?While a JM Care Plan provides peace of mind when your jewelry is damaged, it does not include coverage for loss and theft. 

How much does a JM Care Plan cost?

The price of a JM Care Plan depends on which type of plan you choose and the value of what you’re protecting. Ask your Malak sales representative for pricing details.


Are routine inspections required to maintain coverage?

All required care, maintenance, and inspection services specified in your item’s original manufacturer’s warranty must occur to maintain coverage.

How do I file a claim?

Within the first 30 days of purchase, return your item to Malak Jewelers for a refund or replacement. After 30 days, contact Malak Jewelers to initiate a claim.  You must have your receipt and JM Care Plan brochure as proof of coverage.

Can I renew my coverage?

JM Care Plans are not renewable after the term expires. See JM Care terms and conditions for additional protection options.


What if I’m purchasing a JM Care Plan to protect a gift?

Simply give your receipt and JM Care Plan brochure to the recipient, and coverage is transferred to them.

I can’t find my receipt. Now what?

Unfortunately, your receipt and JM Care Plan brochure are your only record of having purchased coverage. There is no alternate way to file a claim.


Will my item be repaired or replaced?

Your item will be repaired, assuming the damage is repairable, so long as the cost to repair does not exceed the cost of the original product. Otherwise, it will be replaced.


How long will it take for my claim to be settled?

As soon as something happens to your jewelry, initiate your claim with Malak Jewelers and we will do our best to handle your claim quickly. Our goal is to get your jewelry restored as soon as possible.


How do I cancel my coverage?

Contact Malak Jewelers or contact JM Care Plan directly for assistance. You may receive a full or partial refund according to your Terms and Conditions.